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Need a facial in Singapore ? When we talk about facial treatment for adults, we often wonder whether babies too need a facial ? Why are babies always so adorable? It's because they have natural, silky smooth skin, free from blemishes. Compared that to the state of the skin of adults, which invariably tends to appear to be in a worse shape, you will understand that a facial in Singapore could make a big difference. Experience the age-defying transformation in our facial salon. Age, the ravages of time, exposure to the elements and even our own simple neglect can wreak havoc on our skin health. Imperfections and signs of aging begin to surface. Collagens and elastins are lost, resulting in the formation of scars, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skins. The abnormal metabolism of pigment cells also gives rise to pigmentation disorders. Imperceptibly, damages on our skin health are being inflicted. When we discover the damage, it may already be irreversible. The message is: embark upon a facial in Singapore before it's too late.

Benefits of a Facial in Singapore

We all need skincare treatment. Facial is a general term for skin treatment. It is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment designed to improve and rejuvenate the skin. Facial skin treatment also offers protection against environmental stress and free radicals. A facial is often the answer to many skin. From pimpled-face to a completely clean and flawless face, our aestheticians in our Singapore facial spa will help you with your skin rejuvenation. Regain your self confidence with Fabulous Complexion and Looks !

Get a Facial in Singapore

We are one of the most relaxing facial salons in Singapore where we offer you peace and tranquillity whilst being treated. Enjoy the environment of our elegant Singapore beauty and facial salon where we have earned a solid reputation for excellence from our many Singapore clients.

According to beauty consultant, Shahnaz Hussain, on the list of pioneers of facials in India, "Facials sustain the oil-moisture stability of the skin, together with the acid-alkali stability. Facials also help the inside toning of skin and muscle tissues. Furthermore, it doubles up as an effective anti-ager, when done frequently."

Trained in the most advanced techniques, our aestheticians will prescribe a customized facial treatment package to suit your skin condition and unique lifestyle. We have many packages to suit your every need;– regular cleansing facial, anti-aging facial, acne treatment facial, pigmentation removal facial, anti pollulite facial, hydroxyl acid facial, ayurvedic facial, etc. We use the top brands of moisturizers for facial treatment that give you the sparkling, radiant look and smooth complexion.

Check out also our special facial treatment promotions in Singapore. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Well-known for their outstanding and personal service, our experienced aestheticians with years of knowledge will ensure you get the best facial treatment in Singapore.

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